Where Once I Played on Fields of Green

Where Once I Played on Fields of Green

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Limited edition  Giclée print 
80 x 80 cm  
Commissioned for Enfield Enjoys Festival
Limited edition of 10
Inspired by local poets poem. “Progress”.


The land of youth has gone and I 

live in a world of flats and high 

ugly buildings to the sky 

Where once I played in field of green 

no blade of grass or trees are seen 

this concrete world with glass between. 

Precast and set for years to come, 

Casts shadows long and blocks the sun

from those like me who yearn for some 

way to escape this concrete world. 

To go to sleep and mind unfold 

and show me meadows green and gold 

a country lane with quaint old thatch  

old world charm and peace, to catch 

the silver trout, with chance to hatch 

its fry in streams yet unpolluted by mans desire. 

The quest for for land will never tire 

until too late, for money paid for mans perspire 

is greater in the concrete land 

that those who pay the farmers’ hand 

whole land will soon be that of sand. 

To make more flats and motorways 

for those cars whose fumes we breath on days 

in search of peace and country ways. 

The fish die in rivers’ slime 

created by man in course of time 

will reminisce of nature’s prime. 

In time my flats will soon become 

another generations slum 

and then demolished in the sun

with grass merging through the stone 

reclaiming land long since its own. 

God willing architects have grown 

wiser with the passing time, 

replan this place with hedge and vine 

grass and plants and nature’s pine 

in abundance for the birds to preen

their feathers free from mans unclean, 

and the land I knew again be seen