Postcard Art: Blandine Bardeau
Postcard Art: Blandine Bardeau

Postcard Art: Blandine Bardeau

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We asked x30+ artists to produce artworks to support our mission and Kickstarter campaign. Own an original artwork by artist Blandine Bardeau.

"My pieces are almost always a mixed-media approach to creating art, combining drawing -my very first love-, collage and painting. I trained academically as a drawer, and have always found drawing to be immediate, intimate, and a very versatile medium to work with. Often working on paper -sometimes mounted on canvas or wood-, translucent polyester and canvas, I like to use my background in fashion & jewellery design to present artworks that draw influences from many different, eclectic places. "

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Original Art by Blandine Bardeau

Mixed media on card

14.8 x 10.5 cm