Studio Infinity


Artist Hive Studios embarks on an exciting initiative following the successful launch of their Online Art Club #GetCreative, created during the Coronavirus pandemic. AHS will continue their research into demystifying the arts by bringing audiences closer to the production of arts. AHS intend to make visible the artist's studio practice by streaming workshops, performances, insights, live updates and documenting artworks resulting in curated online art courses — creating a more open dialogue with the arts that crosses boundaries and spaces.

From our studio space in North London, we intend to produce digital content that brings artists' voices and expertise to the forefront in hope of challenging the hierarchies of the art market and its commercial parameters. It will seek to connect the arts with all age groups and diverse communities to shape a more creative society to come.



1. Studio Culture - A series of monthly updates with resident artists. All artists will be encouraged to provide video diaries of what they're up to. We want our artists to be at the forefront of this initiative, with the intent of bringing audiences closer to the production of art.

2. Build Skills - Artist training with influencers and digital experts to equip our artists and members with expertise in building their brands online. We believe training in marketing is critical to changing the financial landscape for artists. We plan to run x10 classes.

3. Arts Courses - From January 2021 we'd like to develop a programme of courses that audiences can subscribe to. These could take the form of physical workshops held at the studio or virtually. However we intend to ensure that our studio has the facilities required to equip artists with the necessary tools and equipment to deliver high quality production and content. We plan to run a text pilot that will provide x6 creatives with paid teaching opportunities. They would each conduct a month-long programme. In total x24 classes would be commissioned.