Discussions Amongst the Fruit & Veg!

Discussions Amongst the Fruit & Veg!

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Benjamin Thomas Taylor


42 x 29.7 cm

Limited Edition Giclée print

Edition of 10


Inspired by Keith Mowatt’s “Charlie’s Stall”. 


Charlie’s Stall


We meet by chance at Charlie’s Stall

Old wise heads, come one, come all

In a way it’s like a club

With ‘dear old Charlie’ at the hub


With tales to tell and times recall

With friends when young we went to school

To reminisce on days of yore

Remembering those who are no more


We often say how times have changed

And how the High Street’s rearranged

We talk of businesses just started

And of tradesmen long departed


The discussions amongst the fruit and veg

Memories from the past we dredge

Of stone white steps and beating mats

Long before they built the flats


The corner shop with penny drinks

Peanut butter and bags of ‘pinks’

No thought of crime when we were young

The streetwise games were so much fun


‘Knock Down Ginger’ and ‘Tibby Cat’

The strong that knocked off the copper’s hat

The social gathering at Charlie’s stall

A pleasure to those who can recall


The times and memories to share

Will always find a welcome there

A cheery smile, a pleasure to greet

A nicer man you’ve yet to meet


Who’ll remember when we are no more?

And join all those who’ve gone before

When there’s nobody left to carry on

Then all our memories will be gone