A Point That Moves! Kids Workshop * Cancelled

A Point That Moves! Kids Workshop * Cancelled

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18th April, Saturday 2-4pm.

Cancelled, we are temporarily closed until further noticed. Register your interest for workshop classes. 

Part of our series of workshops connecting literacy and art, run by International teacher Davina Edwards. A Point That Moves! Will show your budding artists the endless possibilities of lines, experimenting with different types; diagonal, vertical, horizontal, curved and zig-zag. Your budding artists will take inspiration from other artists, using lines to indicate form and movement. 

Each session will have a literacy link where the concept will be introduced by a book. Your artist will have the opportunity to focus on the skills and concepts in art making, using a variety of mediums and stimulus. 

This series is taught by Davina Edwards the (Travelling Teacher), will be joining us for six exciting sessions focusing on the fundamentals of art. Davina Edwards is an international teacher, born and qualified in the UK. She has specialised in literacy in early education. She takes delight in introducing all her subjects in a cross curricular way, sharing the enjoyment of literature and life experiences at the heart of all she does. As an avid traveller she likes to share and educate children on different cultures via art, music, food and literature on a global scale. 

All materials will be covered. Refreshments will be provided.