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Edmonton Crossing - Art in the Public Realm.

ART CROSSING  We are delighted to unveil our art crossing in association with Enfield Council, this public artwork seeks to celebrate the technological and manufacturing heritage of the Edmonton area. You can discover it along Fore Street in Edmonton from 23rd October.       We delve into the history of manufactoring company Thorn and Ferguson. In 1932, Thorn acquired the Atlas Lamp Works and began making light bulbs in Edmonton, North London. The company grew rapidly to become Thorn Lighting, one of the world's largest producers of lamps, luminaires and lighting components. The name changed to Thorn Electrical Industries in November 1936. The company later began to diversify by buying Ferguson Radio Corporation in the late 1950s and Ultra Radio &...

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Art & Wellbeing: Sewing Memories

We wanted to share our latest workshop held at Artist Hive Studios. Sewing Memories held by artist Jo Beattie, showed participants how to transform thread into personal, figurative artworks. Working from found photographs, to sketch, trace and paint onto fabric. Jo then went through several stitching techniques including embroidery and machine sewing.  Here are our highlights from the workshop and the beautiful creations created.   

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