Register your Interest in Our New Studio Space

We wanted to share our progress so far in developing our studio space from conception, building site to completion. Take a sneak peek of our workspace so far. Register your interest in our studios by emailing:






Available August. Viewings taking place now, register your interest. 
Email now to find out more information! 

The workspace has a large bright communal area with open plan kitchen, toilets and an outdoor, covered & lockable sculpture yard. We have a range of self-contained studios available (50-190 sqft) and fixed art desks available in the main space. 

Communal area - fixed art desks starting from £150-£200. Follow our journey and enquire at: if you're interested in a space. 

Spaces Available on Ground Floor: 
Studio 2 - 75 sqft self-contained studio * Unavailable
Studio 3 - 90 sqft self-contained studio (£275 per month) 
Studio 4 - 100 sqft self-contained studios * Unavailable
Studio 5 - 100 sqft self-contained studios * Unavailable

Spaces Available on Mezzanine Floor: 
Studio 6 - 190 sqft self-contained studio with lots of natural light (£550 per month) 
Studio 7 - 60 sqft self-contained studio with natural light (£200 per month) 
Studio 8 - 60 sqft self-contained studio (£200 per month)