NOW LAUNCHED: Crowdfunding for Our Community Makers Yard

As we emerge from Lockdown how will we come back together again? How can we connect our industrial areas with the high street to create pride, boost local economy and create empowerment? 

We've launched a project 'Community Makers Yard @Upper Edmonton' in affiliation with Enfield Now #MakeLondon.  
We're expanding our studios to create an inclusive, shared and collaborative makers yard. Run by an onsite technician and trained sculptors, it will include facilities in wood and metalworking. This space will equip the local community with skills in making from welding to up-cycling old furniture. Through a curated series of monthly workshops run by visiting artists and designers this space will be a place for people to learn, build, make and connect. Our plan is to link the yard to a shop along the local high street, working together with Enfield Council and our community to transform our public spaces and empower individuals by showcasing their hand-crafted works made throughout the programme via quarterly exhibitions. Our makers yard will provide awareness in sustainability and zero waste, up-cycling discarded or unwanted materials sourced from the local community. An intergenerational space with a series of activities designed to bring us together as we emerge from lockdown.

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What we'll deliver:
  • Create a makers yard as a space for the local community to learn new skills through making
  • Curate an annual programme of monthly workshops connecting the yard and Hive's indoor communal area
  • Link to the local high street by taking over a vacant shop so makers have the opportunity to show and sell their works
  • Equip the makers yard with wood and metal working facilities
  • Have free weekly drop-ins available for the community, with a trained technician on hand to offer advice and support
  • Free training workshops for young people aged 16-25 from the local community
  • Kick start the regeneration of the local high street in a sustainable way
  • Adding to existing facilities for local creatives
  • Provide managed donation points for unwanted materials both at the makers yard and pop-up shop
  • Develop an online booking system for workshops, classes, drop-ins and donations

Why it's a great idea:
We established an artist studio in the heart of Upper Edmonton in late 2019 and despite of COVID-19 we are continuing to grow and now have 14 resident artists working from the space. During 2020 and the various lockdowns it was clear that people were picking up new hobbies and keen to learn skills. We hope our yard will encourage this. Currently, there are no Further Education providers offering courses in the arts in Enfield. Our project aims to address this gap. We also want to reduce waste and encourage the creative re-use of salvaged materials from our local area and generate wealth for the local economy. Continuing our work in the public realm, the Makers Yard would be a social enterprise designed to bring people together post-pandemic and boost the local economy, via a meaningful arts and culture project that is designed to transform our high street, celebrate our industrial heritage and create a unique local identity with artisanal products designed and made in Enfield.


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